Transitioning to Natural hair

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 Jamila Jackson -Author of Natural Hair Salons in Fort Worth

Thank you so much for logging on to my website! I have been a natural hair stylist in Fort Worth, Tx for fourteen years.  It was just four year ago I went 100% natural myself and my website is my journey.

I'm constantly updating my site with tips and ideas that I use and you can implement with your journey to become natural! I also recommend three natural hair stylist in Fort Worth that are wonderful stylist and they are located in different areas of Fort Worth for convenience.


If you don't have a time frame on when you'll rock your 100% natural! Give yourself about 5 months after five months you will have enough growth to get excited about!

Do you want to go natural without cutting off all of your hair? Transitioning to natural hair is a easy process of growing out your natural texture, before cutting off the damaged ends.

I transitioned from heats in color damaged hair to the long healthy and think here that I have today on this is a four day old washing though so I basically just wanted to share a few  tips on how I successfully transitioned with out chopping my hair.

My hair was  damaged three or four years ago and  I have  come a long way so I just wanted to say  that you don't have to chop off all your hair  you can definitely transition into natural hair   it's just all about sticking to a regimen im doing everything that you can to take proper care of your hair.  The first tip is I stopped coloring in straightening my hair completely I haven't colored my here in about three or four years I colored it back to black and just  left it alone.  I didn't color it anymore.

I'm not saying that you can't have healthy hair while it's colored but in my case I had bleached my hair really lite so my hair was really fried in damage to so I just said I'm not going to use color anymore it really helped my hair to recover.   I also just gave up heat. Heat  was extremely  damaging to me.

I've actually been relaxer free for a really long time but the heat and  the color damage really was just as bad or if not worse then I'm relaxed it. The  damage to my hair was really bad. I had  really scraggly, dry in limp hair it was awful so I definitely recommend that you stop using color and bleach and give the heat a break too!

Just a few natural hair tips....

Detangle your hair when wet

Always detangle when your hair is wet and lathered with conditioner using a wide-toothed comb or your even your fingers. Start at the ends and work your way up. This process is tedious and takes patience.

so only do this when you have the time and be gentle with your hair  rushing can lead to breakage.


Keep your scalp clean

You might have  to do some experimenting  but make sure you  cleanse your scalp anywhere from every couple days to every couple of  weeks.

Always keep your hair moisturized

Dry hair breaks because its brittle. Water is the solution when it comes to moisturizing hair, and you need to add your favorite moisturizing natural hair products on top to really seal moisture.

Remember  to deep conditioning hair

Naturally curly hair usually doesn't lack protein so try and stick with deep moisturizing treatments.

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Wind on  down that heat usage

No need for a flat iron orblow dryer  any more. Try air drying all of your styles.

Always  protect your edges

try to avoid transitioning styles that put too much tension on your temples and the nape of your neck. The hair there is usually finer, and much more delicate!

 Be gentle

The point where your natural texture meets your straight hair (it's called the line of demarcation) is THE weakest part of you hair. Take your time when you detangle and style your hair so as to avoid breakage here.

 Gradually cut damaged ends

Depending on the length you had to start with, get a good trim each month. Remember to use hair shears and not regular scissors!