Transitioning to natural hair in Fort Worth

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Acouple things you should know about Faux Locs

Faux Locs... where do i begin? I have sort of a love hate kind of relationship with Faux Locs. Some days you will love your Faux Locs some days you won't. On the days you love your Faux Locs they will be behaving you can add some really cool accessories it's flexible and doing what you want it to do. But the most important thing is you can just wake up and you won't have to do your hair in the morning. At first your hair will be stiff and you will have to get use to it. I mean it literally won't move for a month.

This style is heavy on the neck and everything at first is pulled tight and its very stiff so If you plan on getting this look right before your vacation don't! It takes to long for the style to loose its install pains to enjoy and you will here your heart beating in your head for the entire vacation. Another thing you might want to think about is the itch factor. Faux Locs will itch at first. Maybe not you but it might create some spats with your partner from the hair rubbing on them.

Be care full as well of the texture of hair that you buy because these locs will tend to cling to your clothes and create fuzzy's on your shirt making your clothes look older than they are. Now I hope I didn't bash your hopes of getting Faux Locs because it really is a wonderful style installed properly. The older your faux locs get the more realistic they look unlike other types of braids the style looks like its actually your real hair and after the install pains wear off you can rock this style for a long time.

 Jamila Richardson -Author of  Black Natural Hair Salons in Fort Worth

Thank you so much for logging on to my website! Although I am a multi cultural hair stylist meaning I work on all grades and all kinds of hair pretty much anyone under our beautiful sun.  Majority of women on our site are looking for  a natural hair stylist in Fort Worth  and  for fourteen years that is exactly what I have been doing.  It was just four years ago I went 100% natural myself and my website is my journey.

I'm constantly updating my site with tips and ideas that I use and you can implement with your journey to become natural! I also recommend three natural hair stylist in Fort Worth that are wonderful stylist and they are located in different areas of Fort Worth for convenience.

It's time to Go Natural...

If you don't have a time frame on when you'll rock your 100% natural! Give yourself about 5 months after five months you will have enough growth to get excited about!

Do you want to go natural without cutting off all of your hair? Transitioning to natural hair is a easy process of growing out your natural texture, before cutting off the damaged ends.

I transitioned from heat and color damaged hair to the long healthy and thick hair  that I have today in just about 20 months with out chopping my hair and I just wanted to share some of my trials and tribulations with you!

My hair was  damaged three or four years ago and  I have  come a long way so I just wanted to say  that you don't have to chop off all your hair  you can definitely transition into natural hair   it's just all about sticking to a regimen and doing everything that you can to take proper care of your hair.  The first thing I would recommend and I am sure you could go to any black natural hair salon in Ft Worth and they would agree to stop  coloring and straightening your  hair.  I  haven't colored my hair in about three or four years I colored it back to black and just  left it alone.  I didn't color it anymore!

I'm not saying that you can't have healthy hair while it's colored but in my case I had bleached my hair really lite so my hair was really fried and damage  so I just said I'm not going to use color anymore and  it really helped my hair to recover.   I also just gave up heat. Heat  was extremely  damaging to me.

I've actually been relaxer free for a really long time but the heat and  the color damage really was just as bad or if not worse then the relaxer damage. The  damage to my hair was really bad. I had  really scraggly, dry in limp hair it was awful so I definitely recommend that you stop using color and bleach and give the heat a break too!

Just a few natural hair tips....

Cut down on the heat

Stay away from heat when transitioning hair.You  have to be very careful with heat. You are transitioning so  now you have curls and texture so you really need to be careful because too much heat you will end up with heat damage and you will lose your curls. Then you end up having to start over  and transition from relaxed hair and heat damaged now  so definitely be mindful of that that. The heat I'm talking about is directing like flat ironing. You can use a blow dryer or a  steamer even a  hooded dryer you know stuff like that but direct heat is not your best friend when you're transitioning.

long natural hair is possible. Please consult one of our black natural hair stylist in fort Worth for a free consultation today! We are looking forward to meeting your service needs!

Most natural hair stylist in fort Worth I know will tell you heat is not your best friend when you're transitioning!

Hey you... please be patient

Being  patient with transitioning hair it's definitely not easy but it's a must. Right now things are going pretty good for you if you can make it past six months congratulate your self you have made it over the hump everything seems like it's turning around for you things are back to normal  hair is staying  detangled  products are working It's great! . If your in months three through six  your hair is probably  tangled and your product arn't working trust me I feel your pain!  If your in month one through three it's been fun! being patient is key in transitioning and I know a lot of us get really frustrated with are transitioning hair but please pretty please just say no to "The Big Chop".

Always keep your hair moisturized

Make sure you  deep condition with every wash,  deep conditioning   makes your  hair  very soft.  I deep condition  either with a steamer or with a hooded dryer or with a deep conditioning bonnet.  It produces a lot of moisture for your hair and I feel that throughout the week I don't have too moisturize and seal my hair as much.

Deep conditioning with every wash is a really great tip that's what I personally do I either use a steamer to help me deep condition or use my bonnet . Another tip that I have is to moisturize and seal  you're hair  often.

For me for example it really depends on what products I'm using but for me I moisturize  and seal  every three days. It honestly depends on the weather and what products I've used you really have to know you're hair.  you really need to focus on moisturize and sealing at the  line of demarcation where the relaxed meets the natural.

Remember  to be gentle with your hair!

Only use wide tooth combs when combing your hair and always remove hair that is shedding.

Natural Hair Stylist in Ft Worth:          Kieshas Graves for a FREE consultation (SouthWest FortWorth)

Wind on  down that heat usage

No need for a flat iron orblow dryer  any more. Try air drying all of your styles.

Always  protect your edges

try to avoid transitioning styles that put too much tension on your temples and the nape of your neck. The hair there is usually finer, and much more delicate!

 Be gentle

The point where your natural texture meets your straight hair (it's called the line of demarcation) is THE weakest part of you hair. Take your time when you detangle and style your hair so as to avoid breakage here.

 Gradually cut damaged ends

Depending on the length you had to start with, get a good trim each month. Remember to use hair shears and not regular scissors!