How to make hair grow faster

1. Before you wash your hair make sure you brush. Brushing your hair before washing will help you loosen flakes of dirt and dandruff, and disperse the oils along the hair shaft to make it easy to remove

2. Wash as often as you can. A healthy head of hair starts with a healthy scalp. Try and keep your  hair follicles free of oils and other matter it is essential to scalp health. Remember to wash your hair every day, if possible  and never exceed two days before washing. Before you apply shampoo, wet your hair for a minute or so. This will ensure your shampoo is  dispersed as even as possible. Make sure your cleaning  the scalp, not the hair.

To much rubbing shampoo into the hair shaft will rough up the hairs outer scales, dulling  shine. Check out these cleansing shampoo's that safely remove toxins and grease from the hair follicles, while lightly cleansing the hair's shaft. Make  sure to use warm water when washing your hair. Hot water will have  a softening effect of the scalp, that  makes it easier to pull hairs from their follicles and you don't want that!

3. Make sure you rinse well. The first rule of rinsing hair is, just when you  think you’ve rinsed all the shampoo away, rinse for a another minute more! The most common cause of dull, lifeless hair is applying conditioner before shampoo is completely washed away. Use cool water to rinse your hair, as this will help close the cuticle and increase shine.
4. Use conditioner. Conditioner helps to “plump out” the hair shaft and seal the cuticle for thick and shiny hair. You do not need to leave a good quality conditioner, such as my nutrient conditioner, on your hair for more than 30 seconds. It works instantly. Rinse well before patting your hair dry with a towel.

5. Use a comb before you dry. Do not brush your hair when it is wet. Hair is at its weakest point  when it's wet. Using a brush will stretch the  hair and it will break. Use a wide toothed comb  to detangle damp hair. To detangle long hair, comb at the ends of the hair, and  work up to the roots.

6. Dry carefully. If your hairstyle warrants, just  let your hair air-dry. Since most of us use a hairdryer  we need to recognize what aspects of drying can damage the hair. I never have the heat set on “high.” It is the  airflow and not the heat setting that  removes most moisture from the hair. High heat will  damage the hair shaft and lead to a frizzy mess. I never apply heat to one section of hair for more than a few seconds.

If the section remains damp,I just  redirect the hairdryer for a few more seconds then bring back to that section to complete the  drying process. - Never apply heat less than seven inches away from the hair. If you have followed my tip and  used cool water to rinse your hair, blow drying can help restore warmth and blood-flow to the scalp. It helps to to lean forwards when drying your hair, to further encourage blood circulation

7. Massaging your scalp will also improve circulation within the hair  follicles. It's important for the follicles to receive the  maximum blood-flow, because blood carries all the nutrients for healthy, shining hair.
The application of a nutrient rich product, such as my Scalp Formula, before massaging your scalp will help prevent hair loss and encourage healthy new growth. Only use your fingertips for hair massage, never a massaging tool which can irratate the hair. Use all of your fingertips and always massage from,  front to back.
Don't just slide  fingertips over your scalp.  Anchor them and  move them apart, then back again repeat this all over your scalp!  Massage your scalp in this way as often as you can, but try and at least once a day. Your scalp should feel refreshed and looser after this exercise, and you should feel calm and relaxed.

8. Eating hair friendly foods will play an essential role in the health of your body so they are vital to the health of your hair. Remember that old saying whats good for the goose is good for the gander and  what is good for your body is also good for your hair. Here are the basic “food rules” for healthy, shining hair that you need to follow.

Get enough protein. Proteins are the basic building blocks of the body’s tissues, including the hair follicles. Your hair  is built from a protein called keratin. Choose high quality proteins that are low in fats for all-over wellness. Tofu, fish, egg whites, beans poultry and lean meats are all great proteins. I take a hair-health supplement. Hurried lifestyles often make it difficult to obtain all the vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth. A good hair health supplement will provide you with the insurance you need.

My hair supplement contains extracts of rooibos, silica , nettle, Fo-Ti a Chinese herb that encourages hair growth and reduces greying, and saw palmetto to help reduce the build up of DHT—a hormone that dermatologists hold responsible for falling hair. n Keep animal fats to a minimum. Clogged arteries lead to reduction in circulation, and a reduction of nutrients to the scalp as well. Supplement your diet with oils that are rich in O3'  such as fish oils.