Bladez Barber Salon Top Natural hair stylist in Ft worth, Tx

Latonia Taggart

    1. Specializing in Designer hair cuts,color, blow outs,and all your healthy hair care needs.
    1. Dietria Vinegar
    1. Specializing in Hair Braiding, all hair types, box braids,individua, micro, kinky twist, faux locs,Senegalese twist
    1. Ebony Timmons
    1. Specializing in healthy hair care, designer haircuts, Relaxers, Thermal Straightening
    1. Strand by Strand Hair Studio uses the finest quality professional hair care products.
    1. We exclusively use products from our very own product line Elemental Strands Hair Care Products
    Elemental Strands hair care line was designed to meet your most basic hair care needs, just like human nature, Our hair care needs are basic (Elemental), Hydrating, Nourishing, and Protecting your strands is essential to maintaining the health of your hair, just like air, water, and food are vital to our survival as humans, these these are vital to the survival of your hair.

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