Everything You Need To Know About Crochet Braiding
In the 90s, crochet braids were so popular, but they faded at the turn of the century. It’s 2020 now, and women are head over heels about crochet braids. Many often think that crochet braid is the hair not knowing it’s the method to which hair is being added. 
No one is sure of the origin of crochets, but it is said to originate in the 16th century. The origin may be French as the word “crochet” is a French word that means small hook. You may be wondering, so what’s great about crochet braids aside being a protective style? 
⦁ Do It Yourself
As a career lady or a working mum without much time on your hands, Crochet braids may be what you need. In as much as you can and know how to cornrow your hair, then you can make crochet braids all by yourself. 
⦁ Quite Fast 
Unlike other braiding hairstyles, crochet braid may not take you beyond 2.5 hours to make. This is dependent on the crochet braids style you want. To a wig wearer, this might be still much but not for braiders. 
⦁ Crochet Braids Are Relatively Cheap
With the natural look that is being made with crochet braids, the cost is lower. Pay a visit to any beauty salon and making a crochet braid will always be affordable. 
If you are in the Fort Worth and Dallas area of Texas, you can score a beautiful crochet braid for between $130 to $350. You’ll be done with the crochet braid within 3 hours; it doesn’t take too long.