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Even though I love the style and I love installing Marley twist, I not only share the positives but I also share a couple negative things you should know about Marley Twist because I know a lot of you might be getting Marley's for the first time.

The first thing you should know is that it takes forever! If you take your time and do it neatly so that all your parts are even it could take up to 8 or 9 hours, I know right it sucks and the smaller you get them the time will increase. The neck work out.

Get ready to have a really toned neck because Marley hair is heavy. You may find sleeping difficult because it's not easy to find a sleeping position. Marley Twist can come on done pretty easy but you definitely don't want to burn the edges to keep them together.

That were a really  talented black  natural hair salon near me can direct you to there best natural hair stylist because she will have an intricate way to seal the edges. You don't have to do just twist, you can do braids or faux locs.

Your not going to be able to play with your own hair. Play with your products, wash it or deep condition it you know if you have your hair in a protective style you really don't want to get it wet. I mean you can if you want too it's just me personally it will just frizz up and look a hot mess! You will go through with drawls from your products but you can get through it.

Marley Twist is a protective style that looks kind of permanent. If you ever wanted to see how it would feel to have dreads, Marley twists are the way to go.

Overall I love the style! Your hair will be really shiny depending on the brand you choose and it gives you a really nice sex appeal. Get ready for men to look you up and down like candy and call you "Imperess" because I promise you they will do it! This style is work but if you can get through it, it will be so worth it! Depending on the color that you get away with you can have it look really natural and it can pass for your real hair.

It definitely gives your hair a break I know sometimes in the summer months my hair likes to act up and i don't have time for that so my hair will be in a protective style. Also styling will be awesome! It will take you less than 5 minutes to style your hair. Just gel your edges and free hand something in your mind. This style is also very low maintenance. Other than making sure you keep your roots, my hair likes to act up and i don't have time for that so my hair will be in a protective style. Also styling will be awesome! It will take you less than 5 minutes to style your twist.  Moisturize your roots  and your ends ,  just tie it up and go to bed that's it.

When you go in the shower just wrap it up in a bun put in a pen shower, get out boom!

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Kiesha Summers has been practicing natural hair for 7 years in Ft Worth Tx . She is one of the most affordable natural hair stylist in Fort Worth.
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Hey there I'm guessing you're here because you want to know more about natural hair. You've been searching the internet looking for the best advice on how to grow, care for, and style your natural hair.


Well I've been there before. I decided to transition to wearing my hair natural about 12 years ago. Well 12 and a half if you count the short relapse. After lots of trail and error I became some what of an expert with naturally curly, coily, and kinky hair.

Before I started to do my own hair it seemed like i was searching for any black natural hair stylist in Fort Worth to help me. I started with my own type 4c hair.

Soon after I was on a big chop frenzy and learning to style and take care of my family, friends, and then clients hair, now my shop is one of the top natural hair salons in Fort Worth. I've had the pleasure of being a natural hair braider for over 12 years now. I love to share what I've learned with others.

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Top natural hair braiders in the Greater  Fort Worth,  Bladez Barber Salon located in the east of Fort Worth has quickly grown into one of Fort Worth's best natural Hair Salons. We are located at 1100 Bridgewood Dr Fort Worth Tx 76112. Here are  a few of our protective hair styles we offer braids, Box Braids, Marley Twist, Senegalese Twist, Crochet Braids and Faux Locs



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