So first you will need  bucket of some sort to collect the rice water  I made a batch of rice water a couple of days ago and I left it  in the fridge and it fermited very well. take a  Cup so it would be easier to pour the water over my head Into the bucket so that I could catch the water and continue to rinse for around 30 minutes..So basically all you do is pour the rice water  over your hair.It’s gonna take a couple of times to really get it.To the root my hair is. Thick so.It took me a couple of times.Just keep   rinsing it get it from root to end to end and deeply massage it into my scalp. Once your bucket is  full you just pour it back into the measuring Cup and then do it all over again.I put my hair a pineapple and shower cap on top and just let it sit like that.
For at least thirty minutes. You wash my hair richest tap water just rinsed out the rice water and it was
 Super. .
 My curls for poppin .Is really good for just something that easy that simple to actually.Work is just.Amazing.
Speaker 1: I.
Speaker 0: Kind of use the clapping mentors I.
Speaker 1: Think it’s called with my surname is fine.
Speaker 0: Cotton hundred percent.
Speaker 1: Full cotton shirt.
Speaker 0: I just pulled it up.
Speaker 1: There and they’re me cannot.
Speaker 0: In that instant until it’s almost ninety percent dry.
Speaker 0: In the meantime I’ll show you how I made the rice water
Speaker 0: I use my rice cooker pan and a plastic container put two cups of rice and.
Speaker 1: Then cover that with water doesn’t matter how much water.
Speaker 0: Just coverage and then wash it until it turns white and then.
Speaker 1: Pour.
Speaker 0: It in the container do that twice.
Speaker 0: Second time I used a scrubbing motions to really get all the nutritious elements into the water.
Speaker 0: Lastly I pour that water into the container and put the lid on it and then left it in the fridge.
Speaker 1: Normally.
Speaker 0: To make sure that it ferments you have to leave it outside of the fridge.
Speaker 1: For at.
Speaker 0: Least two days.
Speaker 0: Now that my hair is dry I took it out of the shirt.
Speaker 0: Pardon my hair with my fingers I don’t use a comb because I want to retain as much length as I can this year so I try not to use Coleman if I do I use.
Speaker 1: An.
Speaker 0: Afro comb or really wide
Speaker 0: Here I’m using my conditioning makes you can call them I used rose water.
Speaker 1: And tea tree moisturizing conditioner and some.
Speaker 0: Fresh aloe vera
Speaker 0: Gel.
Speaker 1: I put.
Speaker 0: My tropical she nature cream on top of it then during the the tangle with my.
Speaker 1: Feet.
Speaker 0: Denman brush and I get Karl spot.
Speaker 0: Last but not least.
Speaker 1: I twist.
Speaker 0: All the parts.
Speaker 0: While finger to tangling the.
Speaker 1: Ends.
Speaker 0: I don’t really great until the end I just twirling around my finger this is a close up of me shingling I think it’s called inching them.
Speaker 0: Excuse the face I was watching a read the series TV show.
Speaker 0: Now I am done twisting and this.
Speaker 1: Is all shed hair.
Speaker 0: That I got.
Speaker 1: Yeah well.The next morning my hair wasn’t entirely trying because I accidentally when it in the shower so I sat on the dryer for like fifteen minutes on the highest setting.Well.After it dried.Entirely I started unraveling it.In as you can see my curls edges very elastic and bouncy and it feels so soft.I will definitely be doing this much more often it is said that it’s best to be used once a month I think I’m gonnado that.
At least.
Once a month it’s so easy it’s so inexpensive.
And it really.
 Does what it’s supposed to do.
  If there are any questions or comments just leave them down below in the comments section and I hope to see you all in my next video.