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I wanted to share my opinion on the difference between using  Brazilian and  Peruvian hair,  although most black natural hair stylist in Fort Worth use both  I prefer the Peruvian hair over the Brazilian hair.  I've been using Brazilian  hair on clients for years, I usually use straight or the wavy hair  because I was in love with the texture, it was something that I knew and  I became comfortable with it and stuck to what I knew.

But then I got tired of the Brazilian hair and  the way the hair  was feeling and looking so I said you know what, it's time to try  something new!   I recently started shifting clients toward  Peruvian hair  for about the last 2 years and they have absolutely loved it! Now there are  similarities in both  hair as far as softness  and  how light in weight  both  are not to mention how beautiful the hair is and both  hold curls very nicely.

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I was just amazed how different the hair textures are if  someone tell you that their is not much of a difference  between Peruvian and Brazilian tell them to just wait on that weather to change lol.Some of the best black natural hair salons will say that the Brazilian is more exotic looking just the weight alone will have me referring clients to the Peruvian isle.

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However, Brazilian hair in hot or rainy weather gets very fluffy looking and swells.
Brazilian hair  in hot and rainy weather  gets very  fluffy it swells and becomes frizzy Brazilian here is more dense than Peruvian hair so when it  rains it tends to get big and act a little crazy but once you  get back home it tends to go back to its  natural state works fine.
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You know Indian hair all to well because most of this hair being sold is actually Indian Hair.  Because Brazilian hair is rare and making it more expensive. A lot of the times suppliers will go to India and then take that same hair across the World and package it as something else.  Indian hair is awesome but I still prefer Peruvian.

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