I want Box Braids!

First thing to be on top of  is the cost of the hair. You can look to spend from about $2 to $5 dollars on a box of hair depending on where you go. Your second cost would be the charge for the install. On average you can expect to spend between $80.00 and that's if you know somebody up to $200.00 bucks.

I checked around at a lot of black natural hair salons near me to make sure you they purchase 100% Kanekalon hair. Not the skinny barbie hair. Spend and extra buck or two per box and get the strong Kanekalon hair so you can have nice thick threads.

If you want to know how long your braids are going to be and you don't plan on cutting them just check out the package your hair will come in  and subtract two inches, because the hair is typically two inches shorter than the box it comes in.

There are three sizes of braids you can choose from small, medium, and jumbo braids.

Small braids would be about the size of your ring finger. Medium braids would be about the size of your middle finger and jumbo braids would be about the size of the widest part of your thumb.

You will need any where from eight to ten boxes of hair. You might not need all ten boxes but you definitely don't want to be almost done with your head and you run out of hair. Not cool.

You will need to set aside a large part of your day to do your box braids. Plan to set aside four to 6 hours when you get your hair braided. Of course that depends on the size of your hair and how long you want it. Some people are going to want bigger braids so it's not going to take as long cause your parts wont be that small.

Box Braids are easy to maintain. But just because it is a protective style you can't just neglect your hair. Your hair still needs moisture it still needs love it still needs to be protected!

You still want to wrap your hair up even though your sleeping on that nice satin pillow case. You want to keep your braids fresh and beautiful for as long as you can.

After you have your hair up for a long time cotton can really build up in  your hair and when you take your hair down your going to have to do a lot of detangling and taking lint out of your hair. you don't want that and to keep that from happening just wrap it up before you go to sleep.

Oiling your scalp and hair will promote growth. you can also put hair lotion (new growth oil) on your hands and just run it through your braids!

Most black natural hair stylist in Fort Worth will tell you your braids should last a while. On average I keep mine in for at least two months. There so many different styles you can wear them in. You can part them down the middle or just where them up in a high bun for a totally different look.

  If your still thinking about it but your a little apprehensive don't be! You deserve them girl you treat your self! If nobody else is gonna do it for you you do it! Call me and I'll get you in the shop for a free consultation.
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