Pic to the left is my  beautiful friend Miss Sherry who taught me everything she could! You will always be in my heart “Gone but not forgotten” As much as you can decrease it to once or twice a year because that’s what I started doing.

I started straightening once or twice a year for transit but I stop using heat every single day like I used to. The second thing is that I started doing was  protein treatments. I started using  deep conditioning treatment at home. I would do this twice a week and I incorporated heat when I did this The reason why use heat  is because it really allows the protein in the deep conditioners to really seep deep into my hair.

The deep moisturizer really helps to repair as much as I could. When you go through heat color and relaxed damage to your hair there’s not much you can do to revert it, however you can definitely try to see if it’ll help bring back some of the curl pattern. I tried to take good care of my hair overall especially while  I was transitioning, because when you’re transitioning you have those two different textures. I drink lots of water! 

I really tried to drink a ton of water because it really helped to make my hair grow, I  actually made a lot of diet changes during this transition time for my hair as well because I started paying attention to the to the things that I was using on my hair as well as what I was put into my body. I definitely recommend you drink a lot of water because keeping your hair hydrated while transitioning will help it not break off as  much and  it’ll really help your new growth! I also would encourage  some type of protective styling I use  to get my hair braided.

I also did lots of fun stuff and sometimes I would wear my hair in twist so I didn’t have to manipulate it is much. It was  easier for me to blend the textures that way because I literally had the curly hair at the root, and  the bottom parts of it was like fried so you could clearly tell that there was some differences in the texture of my hair going on. So, I try to do a lot of protective styles to disguise the damage transitioning part of my hair.

I washed my hair like twice a week so I avoided getting to that point where it was really dry so if you wash your hair like the day before get super dry it’ll  really helps so it doesn’t get all matted in tangled together, it’ll help so that the transition part doesn’t break off and it’ll just help it become a lot more hydrated and   healthier looking.

So that’s what I did I really dedicated myself to my hair  regimen when I was transitioning because it required a lot of work in order for me to try to get my hair as healthy as possible when I had those really  damaged parts of my hair still I’m next I also trimmed off the damaged parts slowly so I didn’t do a big chop . I chopped off maybe two to three inches at a time it may sound like a lot but the more my hair grew in the more I just chopped it off I was actually doing that while my hair was straight.

Within a three month period I got it cut twice. I  trimmed  it was in twist it really helped me to see how damaged it was.  You could see like part of my twist would be thick and then stringy so i could see the bad parts.

 Damaged hair is a lot more sensitive and prone to break so you want to try to get tangled is gently as possible so that you can transition slowly in you don’t damage the new part. My favorite conditioner at the time was the trader Joe citris  conditioner I had bottles of it I would use  handfuls of it and like really just detangle my hair.
 Also I would spray water on it,  put some type of water based leave in I would use all of oil coconut oil some type of oil to seal in all of that moisture so that my hair was  off to a good start with the transition part now is trying and with the transitioning part in the my new growth the school growing in nice it was getting that proper care so I can start off my new growth nice and healthy .
I would pineapple my hair and  then sleep either with a satin pillowcase or  my head up. I wanted to protect my hair ,  decrease breakage and take care of the new growth so that it could be off to a great start! My last two  things I had to learn was to be patient. Your hair will grow  and  you will get through the transitioning phase.  It’s not fun when you’re going through it! It’s just part of the transition just try your best to  be patient,  go through the journey and you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come!
 I look at old pics of how damaged my hair was  and I look at it now.  It’s just like it’s really amazing,  I know you can do it! That’s the beauty of our black natural hair.  You can go from  super fried to super alive  and then it just starts growing so beautifully out of your roots, it’s just a process and it just takes time it probably took me about a year and a half.  
  Basically whenever I did cut it. I cut like two to three inches at a time so it didn’t take too long for me to transition but I did kind of have shorter hair  for a while it wasn’t super short but it was shorter like I didn’t do a big chop!  Lastly I just wanted to show you  some of the products that I use when I was transitioning  .a great product in restoring beautiful natural black hair
One of the first products that I used was the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie 12oz – Shea Moisture . 


This is like a cult favorite for a lot of us natural hair  ladies,  I use this  all the time I probably put this on my hair    every single day.  I  still have it to this day, sometimes I still use it. Another one of my faves was the Shea  Curl in Style Milk it was from that same coconut and hibiscus line it worked really good for my hair at that time as well I’m something else that I definitely recommend is deep conditioners I used to use the Shea moisture style milk as a  deep treatment.


  I feel like it did penetrate as good as I wanted to but  if I would have known about the Camille Rose naturals allergy renew deep conditioner at that time I probably would have used it.  Because it is now one of my faves! I was also  very faithful to my Tropic island Jamaican black castor oil Most of the fort Worth area Natural Salons should be using this. I'ts awesome!this really really help me when I was deep conditioning I would use this to seal in whatever deep conditioner I was using a nd it really helped a lot.
 Also a great alternative to what is the mile organics Baba suit oil needs deep conditioner this is one of my face to this day like when I rinse this out of my hair my hair is so soft I can imagine like this would be great for transition ours because it has like the mixture of a protein deep conditioner and also a moisturizing conditioner asked Lee on the mile organics white P.
only leave in conditioner I thought this would be great for everyday use because it’s so light after like it works on a variety of here types my husband uses this he has like four before seeking care I guess here super kinky this work super good on his here as well also the Camilleri was natural’s moisture butter in crown of western milk will be some great recommendations for you all who are transitioning somehow that this video
health I hope it inspires some of y’all in hope that y’all stay through this journey and you just I’m telling you your hair will grow you’ll get through the transitioning phase you have those beautiful nice curls coils Kinks whatever you have that grows out of your hair is beautiful so I just wanted to encourage job searches stays true to the journey don’t give up don’t go relax you’re here you can do with your hair will recover you will grow that beautiful here cell and I will see you all in my next video thank you so much for watching if you like this video please don’t
forget to give it a thumbs up also please subscribe down below if you haven’t already in your new to my channel and thank you so much for all of my subscribers for all of your support in continuing to watch my videos as well also leave me a comment down below of how long you transition and let me know some stuff about your here journey some of your favorite here products I would love for us to interact down below that I will see you all in my next video again thank you so much for watching by.