Best Crochet Braids and Natural Hairstyles

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 "Make sure loops at the end of the hair is big enough for the hook"

I"m a natural woman, sometimes I'll rock a pony tail, sometimes I'll do a braid out, maybe twist out I get it!

when your a natural woman sometimes you get tired of wearing your hair out because being natural takes a lot of effort to make sure your hair is manicured. Most black natural hair salons in Fort Worth will tell u it takes time to keep your hair trimmed and detangled and sometimes you just want to do a protective style. I've really been wanting to install some crochet box braids  so i ran a special first come first serve and within 5 minutes had a client on her way to the salon. She  said It's Friday, I'm getting my crochet Box braids, I'm having a drink and I'm going out this weekend!

I would love to do your install as well but if you cant make it in to my suite here is a helpful read about my experience with two different types of hair. The first type of hair I used was Free Tress Synthetic Large Box Braids. The Second kind of hair I used was Janet Collection Havana Mambo Crochet Box Braids. Normally I would get the same brand of hair for the entire head but in this circumstance I had to use two. I started with the Janet Collection Havana Mambo and man it took forever! It took so long because it took me forever to put the crochet hook through the braid loop.

The Havana Mambo was a much tighter braid versus the Free Tress braid that was more bouncy an loose. The difference between the Free Tress hair and a lot of other brands of hair is the loop. It's amazing how large the loop is and it makes a huge difference when your crocheting the hair.

Save your self some money and make sure the hair your using has a large enough loop to get your hook through to make the job as easy as possible. If your not the box a little. Just a cautionary tale for anyone thinking about installing box braids.

Crochet Braids Natural Protective Hairstyles

Doing your first rice rinse

So first you will need  bucket of some sort to collect the rice water  I made a batch of rice water a couple of days ago and I left it  in the fridge and it fermited very well.

Some natural hair salons in ft worth still use the rice rinse techniquetake a  Cup so it would be easier to pour the water over my head Into the bucket so that I could catch the water and continue to rinse for around 30 minutes..So basically all you do is pour the rice water  over your hair. It's gonna take a couple of times to really get to the root your hair.


Just keep  rinsing it get it from root to end and deeply massage it into my scalp. Once your bucket is  full you just pour it back into the measuring Cup and then do it all over again. I put my hair a pineapple and shower cap on top and just let it sit like that for at least thirty minutes.

You rinse your hair with tap water , just rinsed out the rice water and it will feel great and my curls are poppin! It's really cool for  something that is this easy and simple to actually it is really amazing.



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