Some quick thoughts on my natural hair journey

For you guys  that didn’t know I am transitioning to natural after seventeen years of being relaxed I am currently eight months post and I will be nine months post in a week or so. My first tip is stay away from heat with transitioning hair you  have to be very careful with heat I would suggest while on your journey to natural hair that you cut down on heat
tremendously wastes transitioning now you have curls night have texture and you really need to be careful with heat because if you use too much heat you will end up with heat damage and you will lose your curls and then you end up having to reset your hair journey and transition from relaxed hair and heat damaged hair so definitely be mindful of that that,
heat is not your best friend when you are transitioning. When I talk about heat I’m talking about the flat iron and curling iron,  you can use a blow dryer a steamer or  hooded dryer but direct heat is not your best friend when you’re transitioning.

my next step is to be patient with transitioning here it’s definitely not easy right now things have been pretty good for me I am like I said eight months post I’ve pretty much got over that hump of where things are really really tough I would say from month one to mind three things were you know really gay but from my end for two months six that’s where all hell broke loose are my content on my hair parts weren’t working my hair wasn’t

cooperating to Texas which is tangling up so you definitely need to be patient once I hit the six month mark thinking just turned around for me things were back to normal things are very easy my heresies tangle products were working so I’m being patient is key in transitioning I know a lot of us get really frustrated with are transitioning here and.

Speaker 0: That’s why a lot of us and a big shopping for me I plan to be a long term transitional so I definitely need to just relax and be very patient with my here because I personally do not want to.
Speaker 0: Have short here because I’ve had short here my whole entire life and I would love to keep my hair long because I do love long here so being patient is.
Speaker 0: Key to having a successful transition whether it’s long term or short term whatever it is that you want to do really need to be patient with your hair and with that being said you need to be gentle so not only do you need to be patient and to be gentle.
Speaker 0: Or you will have breakage.
Speaker 0: So another tip that I can give transition or is it to deep condition with every wash with deep conditioning and make sure her very very soft very much dries I feel like with deep conditioning either with a steamer or with Amy on put a dryer or with a deep conditioning bonnet it produces a lot of heat and it produces a lot of moisture for your hair and I feel that throughout the week I don’t have too much stress and still my here as much because deep conditioning has really in my hair really really dry stone I’m deep conditioning with every wash is a really great tip that’s what I personally do I either use a steamer to help me deep condition or use my body are it’s another tip that I have is to more stress in still you’re here very often for me for example it really depends on what products amusing but for me I mushers and CO maybe every three days or so something like that it I mean it honestly depends on the weather what products they use how much of it I used you really have to know you’re here set with that being said the error that you really need to focus on with on my stressing and stealing is the line of demarcation where the relaxed meets the natural.
Speaker 0: That area right there you really want to make sure that area is more stripes and steel and also you want to keep your ends more stress and so if you plan to.
Speaker 0: Long term transition if you don’t put a long term transitioning.
Speaker 0: And you don’t are more stress and so you’re and you’re going to fall off and just you know with their way are it’s another tip is to gradually cut off to relax and and I personally haven’t really been doing that because I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what I was doing with my hair if I transition or not on but I have been cutting my here I come here I cut off about I want to see both three or four inches this year so far I do plan to come here again but later on I’m thinking December less here you have the easier it is to do with your hair the easier it is to transition for me I personally haven’t had any problems with my here being made back length and you transitioning my relaxer has been doing so well it’s pretty much a leading demarcation that it’s the only area that.
Speaker 0: Sometimes gives trouble but other than that my relaxing hasn’t been giving me a hard time Sam.
Speaker 0: So one of the biggest tips I can give you guys is to keep the new growth stretch when I say new growth of parkland and natural here the natural here that’s coming out of your head and they have the highest tech should be here that has a curl pattern that you’re you really need to keep it stretched.
Speaker 0: For me personally I keep that area stretch I never deal with my here I’m stretch I don’t style it on stretched I don’t.
Speaker 0: Do anything with it not being stretch so for me for example before I start my here I make sure I blew out my roots using the tension out there which I’m going to do a video on but I used to tension method to straighten out my roots so she doesn’t see this part of the any texture in my here because I blew out my roots it makes things so much easier to make transitioning a breeze makes styling so much easier braid outs I can do any style I want if my here is stretch if my here isn’t stretch.
Speaker 0: Forget it.
Speaker 0: It’s not gonna work I attempted to do a what I try to do all flux right set on what transitioning here.
Speaker 0: Biggest fail my roots were soul puffy and the my relaxer was just a stringy little thing are it’s another tip that I can give my transition or is to avoid using small or find teeth clones.
Speaker 0: Or even a Denman brush I would say stay away from those here tools smaller fine tooth combs and a Denman brush I feel with transitioning here it’s not as not as strong as fully relaxed or fully natural here because it has a line of demarcation where the relaxants than actual here on that area is very very weak and any tiger pull on it it will snap and break even if it’s my stripes actually watched here that here is very weak if you think relaxers week when it’s lacked.
Speaker 0: You got another thing coming for you I it’s my last trip to those were transitioning is to remove shattered here’s what I think should here’s I’m talking with those here’s our fall directly from the scope if you leave shut it hears in your hair.
Speaker 0: Date eventually tangle up.
Speaker 0: Get caught they searched causing single strand nuts anything cause breakage if you leave them in for a long period of time for me personally I figure the tangle before I wash my hair so put my head about four sections and I just slightly just run my fingers through and then eventually I just.
Speaker 0: Pull my hair and then again you know few strands I thought about not when I’m in the shower I do it again I lately take a cold white tooth comb and I removed my shirt it hears and also as a more strict and stealing my here I am again remove shoddy here’s I feel it should here is.
Speaker 0: Sometimes you can get all of them but you have to try to we want to try your best to get most of them be I’m always fighting shedding tears we do lose about fifty to a hundred strand today which is normal just keep that in mind and not to get worried when you see you know hair’s falling so hopefully this video was very helpful if you guys have any more questions or want me to do any more videos are transitioning here definitely let me know see I’ve got so many questions we’ve all that down below and I will talk to you guys later.